Principal’s Message

Mr Wong Chong-yee

Advanced technologies have greatly reduced distance between people around the globe and enabled rapid dissemination and update of knowledge. The knowledge we possess today may no longer come in handy. Thus, schools should be able to nurture students’ personality attributes and mental abilities to adapt to the changes in this new era.

I am honored to take over as Principal and will consistently uphold our school’s fine educational tradition - being committed to providing whole-person education to cultivate students’ balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic domains.

In today’s society, students are on the one hand alternating between old and new perspectives. On the other, they are facing divergent opinions. Without correct values, they will be disoriented easily. In view of this, our school puts much emphasis on students’ moral development. Based on the school motto, ‘Orderly and Respectful’ and the ten student codes of behaviour, the school organizes a wide range of courses and activities to help students to construct correct values and positive life attitudes. They will not only know how to tell right from wrong, but are also aware of their own position and values. Eventually, they will strive towards their goals.

In the academic domain, apart from acquiring knowledge, students have to possess continual learning and self-learning abilities. Being able to constantly explore new knowledge, they can face the changes and challenges in society. Therefore, our school endeavours to provide students with an enjoyable learning environment in which they will become enthusiastic about learning. We also lay stress on enhancing students’ self-learning ability as well as biliteracy and trilingualism, in the hope of equipping them with life-long learning skills to encounter future needs.

For the growth of our students, our school helps students understand themselves, grow up healthily, respect others and communicate effectively with others via school-based activities and courses conducted by the government departments and voluntary organizations. We also offer every student annual volunteering opportunities so that they can understand the society, realize their social responsibilities, care for the society and help people in need.

Each student is a unique individual, having different personalities and abilities. To enable students to discover their strengths and extend their potentials, the school has over 60 extra-curricular clubs and societies for students to join. We also offer a variety of activities, like foreign exchange programmes for all Form One and all Form Four, aiming at enriching their learning experiences, broadening their scope of knowledge, exploring their potentials, stimulating their interest in learning and encouraging life-long learning.

In this academic year, the new school extension in which our school sponsoring body, Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai (H.K.) Association financed HK$70,000,000 to build, has been completed and opened. It further expands teaching space and facilities. With the full support of our school sponsoring body, my teaching team and I will cooperate closely with parents and alumni to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment for students’ balanced whole-person development so that our students will have hope and enthusiasm, fully equipped to embrace every opportunity in the future.

Wong Chong-yee