Moral Education & Counselling


Our school places emphasis on academic performance and is committed to building up students’ noble character and moral values, as well as establishing correct values amongst them. The Values Education & Guidance Board is responsible for devising plans and promoting moral education, discipline, counselling and guidance, career and life planning, as well as social services programmes listed as follows:

  • Implementing school-based values education curriculum, which covers organizing form morning assemblies, setting monthly moral quotations and current affairs discussions. Life Education lessons and other related activities are also held to build up students’ moral virtues and positive values;
  • Participating in personal growth programmes offered by external organizations, including ‘Adolescent Health Programme’ run by the Department of Health, ‘Positive Growth Training’ programme by Y.W.C.A. and life planning programme offered by Teen Walker Youth Ministry, thereby fostering students’ whole-person development;
  • Participating in sex education programmes and workshops run by the Department of Health, End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation and the University of Hong Kong, thereby instilling into students the correct sexual knowledge and concepts;
  • Co-organizing ‘Be Friends with Emotions’ and ‘Arts, Create, Heal’ Adolescent Emotional Wellness Projects with Caritas Charrette Centre to strengthen students’ resilience and their peer support network;
  • Holding society game experience activities to enable students to experience the life challenges faced by people of different walks of life, through which they learn to be considerate and tolerant, to care for others and to actively face adversity in life;
  • Establishing uniform groups, including: Scouts, Girl Guides, St. John's Ambulance Brigade, and Civil Aid Service Cadet Corps, to carry forward the spirit of ‘Love the School and Comply with Its Rules’ and ‘Never Give Up’, and to nurture students to become leaders of tomorrow;
  • Launching school-based leadership training schemes, including Peer Counselling Ambassadors and Prefects training programmes to boost their self-confidence and extend their leadership abilities;
  • Organizing Parents’ Day, Parents’ Evening, exhibitions and talks on further studies and career pursuits, Talk on Release of HKDSE Results and other parenting talks to assist students in their life planning in collaboration with their parents; and
  • Arranging students to participate in charity activities and community services every year, including: casual wear day, elderly services and charity sales, etc., so that students can understand and be willing to serve different communities.

In addition, in-school social workers and educational psychologist provide counseling and guidance services for students, and the school is funded by the school sponsoring body, Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (Hong Kong) Association to organize student moral education activities to actualize the ideal of whole-person education.