5 Apr
Hong Kong Professional Dance Competition

Our school received two Gold Awards in the Hong Kong Professional Dance Competition organized by Hong Kong Dance Education Association.

6-7 Apr
Meet Youth Career Programme: Meet2 Youth Bazaar 2023-2024
24 F.4 students joined the Meet2 Youth Bazaar 2023-2024 organized by Po Leung Kuk Life Planning and Financial Education Centre at PMQ in Central. Students were able to enhance their skills in project, financial and human resources management as well as communication and leadership skills.
8 Apr
The Community Chest Flag Day
Our school won the First Runner-up of Outstanding Support Award (Secondary) and received the top ten Highest Participation Rate Award.
9 Apr
A Visit by Alice Fong Yu Alternative School
A total of 100 people, including the Principal, teachers, parents and students of Alice Fong Yu Alternative School in San Francisco visited our school. To enable the American students to understand more about Chinese culture, our F.3A and F.3D students escorted them to visit Wong Uk Village and Che Kung Temple. Our Parent-Teacher Association also organized different activities on traditional Chinese culture for parents and teachers. Students were allowed to chat and share in groups after both schools' performances.
10-11 Apr
35th Athletic Meet
A total of 533 F.1 to F.5 students participated in the 35th Athletic Meet. Yellow House received the Overall Championship, while Green House received the Cheer-leading Championship. Nine primary schools in the district were invited to the Inter-school Relay Race.
13 Apr
Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2023/2024)

Winners of the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2023/2024) include:

Kwan Wan Sin (F.5C) Second Class Award
Liu Chun Hei (F.5D) Third Class Award
Yu Shuqi (F.5D) Third Class Award

本校17位中二及中三級學生參加星島日報舉辦之「星島第二屆全港華文雙語菁英問答比賽」網上初賽,2位同學入選 「狀元50強」,5位同學入選「狀元100強」,合共獲得7個獎項,並成為16所出線學校之一。是日,本校學生3B班林啟邦、3C班陳鴻博及3D班高婷瑤代表學校參加假拔萃女書院舉行之初中組比賽初賽,同學們表現優異,於初賽勝出,並將於7月參加總決賽。
本校14位中三及中四級學生參加香港中文大學電子工程學系舉辦之「STEM開發工作坊」,藉以培養學生的科學、技術、工程和數學能力,以及瞭解電子工程領域相關技術之應用和 實踐。