2 Apr
PTA Day Tour to Lau Shui Heung Reservoir - 'Mirror of the Sky'
A guided day tour to Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, 'Mirror of the Sky', was organized by the Parent-Teacher Association for parents and their children to appreciate the natural beauty of countryside in Hong Kong, strengthen communication and parent-child relationship. A total of 120 participants, including parents, teachers, staff and students, joined the event.
6-7 Apr
Hong Kong Professional Dance Competition 2023

Our Dance Club participated in the Hong Kong Professional Dance Competition 2023 organized by the Hong Kong Dance Education Association and received 2 Gold Awards. Other awards included:

Student Event Award
Chan Yan Ying (F.4A)
Lau Ching Yi (F.4A)
Zhou Ka Man (F.4A)
Chinese Dance (Secondary School) Gold
Zhuang Ka Lam (F.3D)
Liu Chun Hei (F.4B)
Wu Long Sing (F.5C)
Chinese Dance
(Secondary School)


13 Apr
Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2023
Mao Hoi Yiu (F.5C), Huang Yuk Ying (F.5D), Lui Lok Yee and Chong Ching Wa (F.6C) entered the finals of Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2023. The purpose of the Election is to recognize and commend outstanding young people. It is also hoped that the recognition of their achievements will help to set role models to the community.
14 Apr
Life Education Lessons
Various activities were organized, including dissecting white mice, team-building activity of School Ambassador Team, visit to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and so on to strengthen students' other learning experiences and widen their horizons.
Flag Raising Ceremony and Speech under the National Flag
The Flag Raising Ceremony was conducted in the playground and the Speech Under the National Flag was delivered by Ms. Ely Lee, Civic Education Coordinator. Ms. Lee shared the importance of National Security and encouraged students to grasp the opportunities to learn more about national security. She also reminded students of the obligation to uphold national security and abide by the law.
16 Apr
New Territories Secondary Schools Beach Volleyball Competition 2022-2023
Wen Lan, Siu Ting Kwan (F.4B) and Zhuang Lai Yin (F.3A) participated in the New Territories Secondary Schools Beach Volleyball Competition 2022-2023 and won the Third Runner-up in Secondary Girls category.
20-21 Apr
The 34th Athletics Meet
Our school hosted the 34th Athletics Meet after the epidemic in 2020. A total of 1,054 students from our school participated in the event. Yellow House won the overall championship and the cheerleading championship. To strengthen connections with primary schools in the district, our school held a Sha Tin District Primary School Relay, with nine invited schools participating in a lively atmosphere.
22 Apr
Environmental Education
Ms. Ho Man Yee from our school's Environmental Education Team, accompanied Chen Pui Chi from 5B and Hui Wing Yin from 5D to participate in the "UN World Earth Day: Hong Kong Action - Sustainable Development from the Ocean to the Pole, through Polar Exploration" jointly organized by the Polar Research Institute of Hong Kong and the UNESCO Hong Kong Association. The event included a special exhibition on polar scientific research and a workshop for primary and secondary school students entitled "Arctic Research in Hong Kong, Environmental Protection in Our Hands", with the aim of promoting awareness of polar scientific research, understanding the climate change crisis, and raising environmental awareness.
24 Apr
The 7th Economics Project Exhibition
Our school's Form 5 Economics students participated in the "7th Economics Project Exhibition" organized by the Department of Economics of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and co-organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, with the aim of understanding popular economic issues and increasing their subject knowledge. The organizers invited nearly a hundred undergraduate students to give presentations on their research projects and share their research findings with the participating students.
26-29 Apr
Singapore Cultural Exchange Trip

Our school organized a 4-day cultural exchange trip to Singapore for Form 3 students, with a total of 125 participants including Principal Chan Nga Lai, Vice-Principal Chan Hoi Chi, and teachers and students. The itinerary included:
(1) Visiting different historical and cultural buildings and attractions, such as the landing site of Sir Stamford Raffles, the former site of the Singapore Presidential Palace, the City Hall, and the Merlion Park;
(2) Visiting the famous local university, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, for tours and exchange activities;
(3) Engaging in urban adventure activities to explore characteristic sites related to cultural conservation and urban sustainable development, such as Chinatown, Little India, the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the Marina Barrage, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, and the Gardens by the Bay;
(4) Visiting science-related attractions, such as the Singapore Science Centre, the S.E.A. Aquarium, and the Sentosa 4D Adventureland.

This overseas exchange activity helped students broaden their horizons, enhance their subject knowledge and critical thinking skills, cultivate teamwork, and enrich their "Other Learning Experiences", promoting their all-round development.

27 Apr
21st Century Cup English Public Speaking Workshop
24 Form 1 students from our school participated in the 21st Century Cup English Public Speaking Workshop organized by China Daily, with the aim of cultivating English public speaking skills, enhancing agility in thinking, and building personal confidence.
28 Apr
Life Education Class
Our school arranged and invited external organizations and guests to hold diversified learning activities for students of all levels during the Life Education Class. The activities included: Form 1 school-based Civic Education class on "Breaking Away from Internet Addiction," Form 2 "Positive Growth Training Program," Form 4 "Writers' Lecture on 'My Reading and Writing'," Form 5 "Inter-generational Communication Experience Workshop" and "Elderly Service Training Lecture".
KCCS Talent Show
Our school held the "KCCS Talent Show" in the auditorium, which included solo and group singing performances, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their talents and enrich their all-round learning experiences, as well as helping them build their confidence.
29 Apr
Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Program Activity
Ms. Ho Man Yee from our school's Environmental Education Team, and 13 school Environmental Protection Ambassadors participated in the "Basic Environmental Protection Badge Training (Secondary School Section): Field Trip" organized by the Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Program. They visited the UNESCO Global Geoparks in Hong Kong, including Lion Rock and Ma Shi Chau, to increase students' awareness of Hong Kong's geology and landforms and promote geological conservation awareness.
World Dance Day: Opening Ceremony and Multidisciplinary Dance Gala
Our school's Dance Team, consisting of 12 students and 3 alumni, were invited to perform at the "World Dance Day: Opening Ceremony and Multidisciplinary Dance Gala" co-organized by the Hong Kong Dance Federation and the Hong Kong Dance Company, and they were presented with a certificate of appreciation.