1 Sept
Opening Ceremony of the New School Year

The school opening ceremony commenced with the flag-raising ceremony, singing the school song as well as reading the school motto and students・ codes. The Principal then introduced the new teachers and social workers, commended on students・ impressive results in both academic and non-academic areas and expressed gratitude to the concerted efforts of different stakeholders under the pandemic. She then highlighted the new major concerns of the year and explained the focused core values in the new school year - .Responsibility and Commitment・, .Diligence and Perseverance・. Both Vice-principals also encouraged students to learn actively and strive for excellence.

3-4 Sept
:Meet; Youth Career Programme
Our students participated in the "Meet" Youth Career Programme launched by Po Leung Kuk Life Planning and Financial Education Centre. They experienced marketing and entrepreneurship through designing and selling their products at D Park in Tsuen Wan.