3 May
Resumption of face-to-face lessons

F.1 whole day
F.2-5 half day, online lessons in the afternoon
All students must have their parents signed against the record of normal body temperature and negative reading in an RAT.

5 May
The whole school witnessed the flag raising and speech on May Fourth Movement on live broadcast.
6 May
Life Education Lessons

F.1 Meeting Peer Ambassadors
F.2 School-based moral and civic education on law abidingness and STREAM workshop
F.3 Personal growth workshop
F.4 School-based moral and civic education
F.5 Representatives from 9 industries gave sharing on career insights

10 May
The 2021-22 Shatin Students Leap Forward Award Scheme
1B Lau Wang Yuet, 2D Ng Tsz Ka, 3D Chow King Man, 4A So Wing Lam, 5A Ko Po Yan and 6D Yeung Yiu Hei won the scholarship in the 2021-22 Shatin Students Leap Forward Award Scheme for their outstanding performance in academics, conduct, sports, arts and social service.
17 May
Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2021-2022
Students of our school participated in the Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award 2021-2022. 5D Zhu Wing Lam and Miki Hisaeda won the first prize and the Merit Award respectively.
19 May
Graduation Photo-taking Session
Principal Chan Nga Lai, Vice-Principal Ho Lai Ping and Assistant Principal Chan Oi Chi took graduation photos with F.6 Class-teachers, subject teachers and students, so that the students can leave good memories of their school life in our school.
20 May
Life Education Lessons
In the life education lessons, diversified other learning activities such as mango glutinous rice production, interactive games, and Chinese history exploration through drama were held by various societies and teams in our school in order to broaden students' horizons.
"Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop"
The Visual Arts Society and the Science Society of our school jointly organized the "Augmented Reality (AR) Workshop" to teach students the basic skills of creating AR animations, understand the application of AR in daily life, and apply AR technology in connecting visual and technological experiences. The inspiration and creative thinking presented in the creations have stimulated the creativity of students.
Donation of Throat Lozenges by the Parent-Teacher Association to Teachers and Students
In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Parent-Teacher Association of our school distributed throat lozenges to all teachers and students to warmly express their care and blessings.
2021-2022 National Essay Writing Competition (Hong Kong)
Our students participated in the 2021-2022 National Essay Writing Competition (Hong Kong), and 5B Tsui Ching Ping won the first prize and was qualified for the national finals with excellent results. This summer, Tsui will compete with elites from other provinces and cities to compete for the "National Literature Star" and other honorary awards. The entry of 2B Zhou Man Kei was also included as one of the 50 finalists for the national semi-finals in the junior secondary category.
26 May
Flag Raising Ceremony
The school held a flag raising ceremony in the morning assembly. All teachers and students participated in the ceremony in the homerooms by watching the live broadcast.
27 May
Life Education Lessons
Our school organized activities at all levels, including: F.1 "Green Campus Tour" and school-based civic education lesson "No more Internet Addiction", F.2 school-based moral education lesson "Abide by Laws and Regulations" and STREAM education workshop, F.3 Positive Growth Training Programme lesson, F.4 and F.5 "One Small Step, Different Angles" moral drama appreciation, all of which unceasingly provide students with different learning experiences under the epidemic.
28 May
"STEM+E Competition 2022"
Our students participated in the "STEM+E Competition 2022" co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the STEM+E Consortium. 3A Wong Chung Hi was selected as one of the "Most Valuable Players".
30 May
本校舞蹈學會以中國舞「澗水謠」及「東北那地方」參加舞蹈世界盃比賽,分別獲得青年組群舞 民族舞金獎及銀獎。