3-16 May
The Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme

During the program, traditional paper cutting technique was demonstrated to our Form 2 students.

4 May
2021 Hua Xia Cup Mathematical Olympiad (Hong Kong) Invitation Round
4 of our students took part in the 2021 Hua Xia Cup Mathematical Olympiad (Hong Kong) organized by The Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association.
The award list is as follows:
Form 1 1B So Tsz Kwan Second Honour
1B Lei Jia Hua Third Honour
Form 3 3B Ng Po Wa Second Honour
3D Cheung Cho Shing Third Honour
5 May
Book Report Competition
2C Lau Tsz Yuen participated in the book report competition of The 31th Secondary Students' Best Ten Books Election and has won the recommendation prize of the Junior Form.
7 May
Life Education Lesson
F.1 PCA meeting with F.1 Students
F.2 Moral Education Interactive Drama by Bravo Theatre
F.3 & F.4 Life Education Inspirational Sharing Session by The Hong Kong Gospel Festival
F.5 Discipline X Health Lifestyle: Public Speaking II by HKBU
8 May
Parents' Talk and the Distribution of the Second Student Performance Report
10 May
The Speaker' English Public Speaking Contest
Miss Ely Lee led 4A Lian Xin Tong, 4C Chu Yat Long, 4D Shum Lik Hang andChan Man Tung to take part in The Speaker' English Public Speaking Contest organized by EDB.
12 May
Grantham Uniformed Youth Groups Outstanding Service Award
Due to her excellent performance in the uniform group, 5C Tse Yee Sin was nominated by The Scout Association of Hong Kong and has won the Grantham Service Award and $8000 scholarship issued by the Grantham Scholarships Fund.


13 May
The 7thTerritory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition
To promote junior form students' understanding of the Basic Law, online competition has been arranged during the morning assembly.
14 May
Life Education Lesson
F.1 to F.3 Project Learning
F.4 to F.5 Moral Education Talk by Family Planning Association of Hong Kong
15 May
STEM+E Competition 2021
5B Chu Yan Yee, 5C Fu Yee Ling, Lai Po Ching, Yeung Lok Ching and 5D Cheng Ming Sum took part in the STEM+E2020 program jointly organized by the Hong Kong Science Park, STEM+E Consortium and HKUST Business School. Under the mentorship from startup companies at HKSTP, students presented practical proposals on technology applications for four startup companies at the end of the program. 5D Cheng Ming Sum was being elected as the most valuable team member by the judges.
17-28 May
Cross-subject Lesson Observation
This school year's cross-subject lesson observation activities continued. Subject panel heads, in the meantime, reviewed the students' work. Principal Chan Nga Lai and Vice-principal Ho Lai Ping examined the lesson plan, student performance and teaching progress with subject panel heads and subject teachers, so as to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness.
18-25 May
Chinese Week
The Chinese Week was held. A board exhibition was arranged in the covered playground with the theme of traditional Chinese festivals, which include the origin, customs and celebration methods of traditional Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Winter Solstice, etc. Augmented reality (AR) elements were integrated, allowing students to watch related short videos on tablet computers in real time, and enhancing multi-sensory experience. In addition, students participated in the internal online quiz game to deepen students' understanding of traditional Chinese festivals.
18 May
HKCC Business Excellence Competition 2020-21
The F.4 students of our school participated in the HKCC Business Excellence Competition 2020-21 organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The team, consisting of Yiu Ho Kiu Avis, Lam Liangwei, Kwok Chun Hei of 4C, and Chan Man Tung and Zhu Wing Lam of 4D, successfully entered the top five and was awarded Merit Award and book coupons of HK$3,000.
19 May
Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students
Our students, 6E Ng Sheung Chun and Lam Ngai Chit Jeffrey won the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prizes for Senior Secondary School Students. Each received a scholarship of HK$1,000 in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and leadership skills.
21 May
Life Education Periods
In the Life Education periods, school clubs, societies and teams held diversified learning activities via face-to-face and online modes. Activities conducted include pineapple cake making, environmentally friendly eggshell seedling pot making and herb planting, laser carving music box making and detective games, etc., in a bid to provide students with different learning experiences and broaden their horizons.
The 1st Asian Youth Piano Championship 2020
5A Chow Cheuk Lam attained Silver Award of Piano Solo (Grade Examination Piece - Grade 8) in the 1st Asian Youth Piano Championship 2020 organized by Hong Kong Children & Youth Arts Association.
23 May
The 31st Secondary School Students Book Picks Book Review Writing Competition
2C Lau Tsz Yuen attained Recommendation Award (Junior Secondary Category).
24 May - 12 July
According to the announcement of the Education Bureau on May 11, 2021, the school will arrange for F.1 to F.5 students to return to school for attending half-day face-to-face classes, Final Examination, and post-examination learning activities. Students must take their temperature before returning to school, wear masks both inside and outside the school, and maintain appropriate social distancing as preventive measures. The operations of half-day face-to-face class resumptions in the school have been smooth.
24 May
Hong Kong School Drama Festival Performance
Our Drama Club participated in Hong Kong School Drama Festival Performance 2020/21 via the online mode with 'Untitled-Unknown' as the performance piece. Our students received the awards listed as follows:


Ho Sin Yi
Outstanding Teamwork Award
Outstanding Audio-visual Effects Award
Tse Hei Yee
Ng Cheuk Wing
Pang Hewittie Jessie
Wong Tsz Ching
Tang Man Ting
Fu Man Kit
Luk Chui Wun
Wong Wing Yan
Gan Chun Yiu
Leung Chin Ho
Pang Hewittie Jessie
Tang Man Ting
Luk Chui Wun
Wong Wing Yan
Leung Chin Ho
26 May
Fire Drill
A fire drill was completed by all teachers, staff and students in 4 minutes and 50 seconds in good order.
28 May
Life Education Periods
The school organizes activities for all levels, including: F.1 Moral Education Lesson: "Commitment", F.2 Self-management Workshop, and F.3 Positive Youth Development Programme. In addition, the school invited Our Hong Kong Foundation to hold "Global Citizenship Talk" for F.4-5 students. The lecture was hosted online by Ms Angela Mo, Ms Jennifer Tang and Ms Yolanda Lam on the topic "Global and Local Cultures" to help students understand the cultural differences between Hong Kong students and foreign students, as well as the similarities and differences between art and technology in local and global cultures, and to strengthen students' all-round learning experience.