4 Jan
School Arrangements for the face-to-face lessons and examinations
  • F.1, F.2, F.4 and F.5 Online Examination
  • F.3 On-campus Examination
  • F.6 Half-day face-to-face lessons in the morning and online lessons in the afternoon
4 & 5 Jan
Online Training Workshop for Staff
Three training workshops have been conducted by the IT Committee to explain the arrangement, invigilation workflow and essential information for the online F.1-F.5 Examinations to staff.

4-8 & 11 Jan
Preparation work for online examinations
To facilitate smooth running of the online examinations, class teachers and subject teachers explained the arrangements of the online examinations to students.
8 Jan
Full Trial Runs for the Online First Examination were conducted during the Life Education periods.
The Chinese History Historical Figures Election organized by CNHE (Hong Kong)
Our school participated in the Chinese History Historical Figures Election organized by CNHE (Hong Kong). During the activity, students voted for the significant figures in History and our school won the Proactive School in Voting prize.
12-24 Jan
First Examination
F.1, F.2, F.4 and F.5 students took the First Examination using online mode, while F.3 students took the Examination on campus in the afternoon. During the F.1-F.5 First Examination period, F.6 students attended half-day face-to-face lessons in the morning and online lessons in the afternoon.
20 Jan
Staff Development Day
Morning Session:
Talk on "Understanding Mental Health: from Mental Wellbeing to Mental Illnesses" was conducted by Ms Chik Ying Ying, our Education Psychologist. Afterwards, briefing on Arrangements for F.1-F.5 lessons, Parents' Day, F.6 Graduation Examination and other school matters was conducted by Principal Chan Nga Lai, Vice-Principal Ho Lai Ping, Assistant Principal Chan Oi Chi, Ms Lee Shuk Ling, Ms Lee Ely and Ms Chan Wai Ni.
Legal Basics for Teachers
Afternoon Session:
Our Supervisor, Mr Yen Yuen Ho Tony, delivered a talk on legal basics for teachers.
22 Jan
F.6 Mock Interview Workshop
F.6 Mock Interview Workshop was conducted by Careers and Guidance Committee in order to prepare our F.6 students for their university admission interviews.
25-26 Jan
Continuation of the First Examination
27 Jan - 8 Feb
Face-to-face Class Resumption Arrangements
F.1-F.5 students attended face-to-face lessons by batch for one or two school days in order for subject teachers to present examination analysis, confirm markings and distribute learning and teaching materials and arrange Chinese New Year holiday assignments.
"Writing Auspicious Messages" Activity
During face-to-face lessons, Class-Teachers introduced Classroom Library books and conducted book borrowing. In addition, the Values Education and Guidance Board conducted "Writing Auspicious Messages" activity in order to raise students' awareness of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese traditional culture, and actualize the spirit of 'Be filial to parents" and "Respect teachers and superiors" as listed in the Student Code.
27 Jan - 9 Feb
F.6 Graduation Examination
The F.6 Graduation Examination was conducted on the originally scheduled dates and yet the sessions were re-arranged to be conducted in the afternoon in accordance with the half-day face-to-face class resumptions of F.1-F.5 students.
29 Jan
Life Education Periods
The Life Education periods were conducted online and a variety of activities were conducted, including dessert making, logo design competition and interactive online games.