5 Feb
Special Meeting
7 Feb
Online Teachers' Training Workshop
12-13 Feb
Testing of Online F.6 Graduation Examination
13 Feb
Deferral of Class Resumption & Postponement of the Seminar on F.4 Choice of Subjects
14 Feb
The Fourth Online Teachers' Training Workshop conducted by the I.T. Department
Principal's Message to F.6 Students uploaded to Self-Learning platform to give encouragement and support
16 Feb
uBuddy Video-conferencing Programme (Phase 1) for F.4 & F.5 students
17-26 Feb
Online F.6 Graduation Examination
24 Feb
Arrangement of 'Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning' and 'Working from Home'
Online Staff Meeting and Teachers' Training Workshop
An online staff meeting was held to discuss further arrangement for school suspension and teachers' training workshops were conducted on the Application of Zoom and Self-Learning Platforms.
28 Feb
Online Class-teacher Period