3 May
A talk on Climate Change

Speaker: Miss Janice Yuen
Senior Officer, World Green Organization

4 May

3C Chan Ka Man, Cheung Yan Tung and 3D Hau Nga Lam, Choi Chun Wai participated in the debate competition with other team members from different schools. The team has obtained very good results.

Form 3 Career Planning Workshop
Form 3 Career Planning workshop has been held by the tutor from the Leadership Training Association
55th Inter-school Dance Competition Prize Presentaion Ceremony
Led by Miss Lau Pui Fun, the Dance Club was invited to perform in the 55th Inter-school Dance Competition Prize Presentaion Ceremony.
Weather Observation Competition 2019
5D Hou Nam Nam, Xie Xiaoqin and 5E To Pak Ho, Li Wang Tsun received the merit award from the prize presentation ceremony of the Weather Observation Competition 2019 organized by the Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre.
5 May
The 15th Inter-school Go Competition
43 contestants have participated in the 15th Inter-school Go Competition organized by the Community Youth Club (CYC).
Our students have obtained very good results, they are:
Champion: 1C Wong Hing Tai
1st runner-up: 3A Zhang Jason Zhishen
Merit: 4D Lok Hoi Yuen
6-9 May
Reading Week
Various activities such as bookfair, book crossing and games have been organized during the reading week.
7 May
Form 3 Inter-class Chinese Debate Competition
10 May
11 May
Caring School Award Scheme
Miss Ip Yee Man has attended the caring school award scheme prize presentation ceremony.
Debate Competition
Led by Miss Ely Lee, 4B Hui Winnie Ming Ying, Cheung Ka Wing, 5D Chow Hiu Tung, Chu Po Ying, Li Miu Ying, Xie Xiaoqin, Pang Tsz Ching, Cheung Cheuk Fung, 5E Cheung Yin Man and Chu Hung Yu participated in the Inter-school debate competition organized by the Shine Tak Foundation
Parents' Talk and the Distribution of Student's Performance Report
15-24 May
Lunch gathering with Principal and Assistant Principal
To enchance the communication between students and the school, 2 student representatives from each class, Student Union and 4 houses have been invited to have lunch with Principal Chan Nga Lai and assistant Principal Dr Ho.
17 May
A talk on the Crisis of Online Dating
Speaker: Sergeant Chow Cho Ling
ShaTin District, Police School Liaison Programme

Form 1 Lunch Time gathering organized by the Guidance Team
Life Education Lesson
11 professionals from various industries came to our school and shared their experience with Form 5 students.

The 5th Territory-wide Inter-school Basic Law Competition
Led by Mr Pan XuBin,3B Chen Pui Yan and Wong Sze Ki attended the Basic Law Competition and Prize Presentation Ceremony. Our School has won the Most Active Participation Award.

19 May
Visiting the the Hong Kong Maritime Museum
為響應2019年國際博物館日的主題「作為文化樞紐的博物館:傳統的未來」,陳雅麗校長帶領本校8位學生到香港海事博物館參觀,並參與當日由香港城市大學舉辦之特備活動 「燈塔記憶:青洲燈塔」,讓學生通過互動式活動,包括 模擬駕駛船隻,3D燈塔模型演示及主題論壇等,增強對青洲燈塔與海事歷史的認識。

Guide Shield Competition 2019
Girl Guides of our school have attained excellent results in the Guide Shield Competition 2019.
Girl Gudie Section: Fourth Place
Ranger Section: Overall Champion

20 May
The 47th Open Dance Contest
Chinese Dance Gold and Silver Awards

21 May
Naming Ceremony of Chow Pai Ying Building
5D Au Shun Yan Serene received "Outstanding Girl Guide" Award
22 May
Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Our students joined Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition hosted by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Among 2417 participants, 5E Lee Heron Lonnis and 5E Leung Sze Yuet were awarded Gold Medals in Chemistry, having attained a result of top 2%. In addition, High Distinction Awards have been attained by 8 students in Chemistry, 3 students in Mathematics and 1 student in Biology respectively. A total of 22 students have attained Distinction or Credit Awards.

24 May
A talk on Natural Disaster and Children
The Civic Education Team invited Ms. Jazzy Leung and Ms. Corliss Lee from UNICEF (Hong Kong) to host a talk for F.4-5 students on Natural Disaster and Children.

25 May
Econgraphic: Infographic Design Competition
5D Chan Kwok San, Chan Nok Hang, Cheung Cheuk Fung, Chow Hiu Tung and Chu Po Ying participated in "Econgraphic: Infographic Design Competition" and attained First Runner-up.

28-30 May
Liberal Studies and Humanities Week
30 May
F.1-3 Project Learning