1-5 July & 3-7 July
Joint-school summer exchange tours

Joint-school summer exchange tours to Kiangsu and Chekiang Provinces led by Vice-principal Chan Nga Lai, Mr. Cheung Chak Ngai and Dr. Chan Oi Chi.

5-9 July
Ms. Luk Ka Man led 3A Leung Ka Tung, 4A Zhou Yu Jing Alana, 4B Yeung Yee Man Vanessa to join the exchange tour to Tokyo, Japan and to attend SDG Junior Ambassador Programme of the Girl Guides
5-11 July
Post-examination activities for enriching students' life-wide learning
7 July
Alumni Association Annual Dinner cum Retirement Banquet for Principal Wong Chong Yee and Vice-principal Lau Chi Ip. Alumnus Lui Pui Yiu was appointed as the Chairperson of the Association
10 July
Our school admitted 120 new F.1 students of whom 98.3% belong to Band One
11 July
Release of HKDSE results
Our school's overall passing percentage (Level 2 or above) is 99.9%, credit rate (Level 4 or above) is 55.8% while those in Hong Kong are 84.7% and 34.8% respectively. 80% of our students obtained "3322" or above in the four core subjects, as opposed to 37.2% for all candidates in Hong Kong.
11 & 12 July
Prize Presentation Ceremony
12 July
School Policy Question and Answer Session
End-of-year Ceremony
Acknowledgement of Principal Wong Chong Yee and Vice-principal Lau Chi Ip's contribution to school conducted by Students' Union
14 July
New F.1 Parents' Orientation Day co-organized by the school and the Parent-teacher Association
16 July to 10 Aug
Summer tutorial classes for junior form students co-organized by the school and the Alumni Association
28 July to 11 Aug
Summer exchange tour to Melbourne, Australia led by Ms. Lee Shuk Ling and Ms. Tai Lai Yi