1 Mar
Third Runner-up of Inter-school Table-tennis Competition organized by HKSSF Shatin and Sai Kung Secondary Schools

Area Committee
3C Pun Cho Ming
3D Hung Tsz Chung
4E To Pak Ho
4E Wong Ka Hei

2 Mar
Life Education Lessons
Hard pen Chinese calligraphist Yeye (¸­¾ç) was invited to be the guest speaker of a talk for F.1 students
Visit to Make Up For Ever Academy (F.3-5 students)
Farewell to F.6 students Programme
3 Mar
Talk on F.1 Admission Interview
Conducted by Principal Wong Chong Yee, Ms Ho Lai Ping and Ms Lee Ely.
4 Mar
Carnival organized by Scout Association of Hong Kong New Territories East Region

led by Mr Chow Kin Shuen, alumni Ng Kwok Cheung, Hui Wai Chun, Cheng Chung Hang, Law Hei Tung and Cheuk Hiu Si.

Open Section
- Champion
- Best Uniform Group
- Best Commander: Cheuk Hiu Si

Junior Section
- 2nd Runner-up
- Winner Award

15th Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Individual Competition organized by The University of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Alumni Association
A total of 16 awards was obtained, namely 5 champions¡B3 first runners-up¡B5 second runners-up and 3 merit awards.
5 Mar
The 54th Schools Dance Festival (DanceSport)
4A Ho Mang Yu Ivys, 4C Chu Yuet Wa, 4B Li Ka Lun, 2C Luk Tsz Kiu Nicole obtained Class A Awards in Jive Dance
8 Mar
14th Hong Kong Inter-school DanceSport Championships
A total of 30 awards was obtained including Secondary Schools DanceSport Promotion Gold Award, Overall Champion (Mixed), 2 individual Champions, 15 First Runners-up, 8 Second Runners-up, 1 Second Prize & 2 Third Prizes
9 Mar
F.5 Leadership Training Camp
Life Education Lessons
F.4 Careers Talk by Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
10 Mar
Guest performance in 40th Yuen Long District Dance Competition cum Winners' Performance
11 Mar
Aviation Activity Day organized by Scout Association of Hong Kong New Territories East Region
Wooden Hand Glider Production and Flight Competition
- First and Second Runners-up
- Outstanding Design Award
16 Mar
Talk on F.4 Choice of Subjects
conducted by Vice-principal Chan Nga Lai and Ms Ho Lai Ping
HKCC Business Excellence Contest 2017/18: CSR Builds Long-term Success
One of the top five teams being selected to enter the Final Round Adjudication
5D HO Sze Hang (Team Coordinator)
5C CHEN Wen Xi
5D FOO Zi Qing
5E FU Hin Nam
5E WONG Hiu Nam

Judges Commendation Award
5E Chan Ka Lee Kelly
5D Pang Ming Wai
5E Ngai Lee Ka
19 Mar
The Proposal Competition of the 51st Joint School Science Exhibition

5D Yeung Lok Sze (Captain)
5D Ng Ho Lam
5E Wong Tsz Man Wing
5E Wu Hoi Fai

Our team was among the top 21 entrants who perform outstandingly in the Proposal Competition. The team would have the opportunity to display and demonstrate their models to the public in the Exhibition to be held in late August 2018.

22 Mar
Raffle Draw and Prizes Presentation Ceremony of Hong Kong Girl Guides Association
10th of Territory-wide Best Sale Award
23 Mar
Visit by Alice Fong Yu Alternative School from San Francisco, USA
8th Young Financial Planners
3A Chung Ki Tat
3C Chiu Pak Ming
3C Ng Sheung Chun
"Social Innovation Flow" Interactive Exhibition Truck
25 Mar
Guest performers of 44th Chinese Martial Arts Appreciation Event organized by The University of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Alumni Association
26 to 27 Mar
32nd Athletics Meet
Participating students: 1,303 counts
Overall Champion: Blue House
Cheerleading Team Champion: Green House
Shatin District Primary Schools Invitational Relay Race
Boys': 8 teams
Girls': 9 teams
27 Mar
Dean's List Honours of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Our alumna, Tse Sharon Sin Lan, was awarded the Dean's List Honours for her outstanding academic achievement by the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.
Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Artistic Achievements of Chinese University of Hong Kong
Our alumna, Wong Hong Yuet, was awarded the Admission Scholarship for her outstanding artistic achievement by Wu Yee Sun College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
28 to 29 Mar
Two-day One-night Camp of Dance Society at HKYWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge