Resume 履歷表

Preparing resume

well-organised and easy to read

concise with clear focus on your strengths; the information that is of prime concern to the employer should be placed first


(1) Personal information
(2) Academic qualifications and work experience
- In reverse chronological order
(3) Main duties of past and current jobs
(4) Extra-curricular activities
- Give the employer a more comprehensive profile of your personality and abilities, especially when you lack
relevant working experience
(5) Skills
- List the skills relevant to the post
(6) References
- List two to three references (e.g. teachers, relatives or ex-employers)
- Their prior consent must be sought
- If referees cannot be identified before sending out an application, the note “References: available upon request”
may be put on the resume. You may continue identifying the appropriate persons after sending out the letter

Resume Sample 履歷表示例

Chinese Version 中文版本
English Version 英文版本