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  • Congratulations to Lo Tsun Ting, our F.5 student, who got a Merit Prize in the Project Challenge at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Engineering Summer Camp 2018!
  • Congratulations! Our F.6 graduates achieved outstanding results in the 2018 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination. Wong Pak To, F.6E, obtained four Level 5**, one Level 5* and two Level 5 and is going to further his studies in the Dual Degree Programme in Technology and Management offered by the University of Science & Technology (HKUST). Over 74% of our students were admitted to pursue degree programmes and all of our F.6 students will further education in tertiary institutes.

School Notice

11-9-2018 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (Ref. No.:3) F.1
F.2 to F.6
7-9-2018 Parents’ Evening (Ref. No.:2) F.1 to F.6
3-9-2018 Arrangement for the New School Year 2018-2019 (Ref. No.:1) F.1 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

F.2 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

F.3 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

F.4 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

F.5 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

F.6 (Appendix / Reply Slip)

Major Areas of Concern (2018-2019)

(1) Strengthening Life Education, Boosting Self-Esteem and Caring for Others

  • Strengthening Resilience to Embrace Challenges
  • Self-affirmation and Appreciating Others
  • Heightening Expectations and Perseverance
  • Self-identification and Serving Others

(2) Creating a Language-rich Environment, Optimizing Strategies on Catering for Learner Diversity

  • Optimizing the Language Learning Environment, Showcasing Creative Written Works
  • Enhancing Language Abilities through Collaboration on Language across the Curriculum
  • Optimizing Teaching and Learning Strategies on Catering for Learner Diversity to Maximize Learning Effectiveness

(3) Ongoing Curriculum Renewal: Innovative Technology and Extending Potentials

  • Promoting STEM Education and Information Technology in Education
  • Stepping up Gifted Education

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