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  • Congratulations! Our F.6 students achieved outstanding results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination 2019. 95% and 90% of our students attained level 3 or above in English Language and Chinese Language respectively while 100% got level 2 or above in both Mathematics and Liberal Studies. 87% of our F.6 students attained ‘3322’ or better in the 4 core subjects including English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies. Six F.6 students got 30 marks or above in the best five subjects and among them, 6E Fu Hin Nam attained 4 level 5**, 1 level 5* and 1 level 5. On the whole, 84% of our F.6 students were admitted to JUPAS degree or dual degree programmes and among them, 37% were admitted to the University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. All F.6 graduates are going to pursue further studies in universities and tertiary institutes. In addition, 6C Man Ngai See Moriah, the Champion of Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships 2018, was awarded the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship and is exempted from paying the tuition fee of the 4-year university programme.

School Notice

F.6 Graduation Examination Timetable
家長教師會二零一九年度周年會員大會暨新春團拜 (Ref. No.:22)
First Examination Timetable
“Approved Collections for Specific Purposes” for School Year 2019-2020 English Proficiency Enhancement Programme (Ref. No.:19)
The 38th Graduation Ceremony of the School and the Open Day (Ref. No.:18)
Summer Study Tour (Ref. No.:17)
Dress Casual Day for Hong Kong Kidney Foundation (Ref. No.:16)
Special Arrangements of School Activities and Events (Ref. No.:13)
F.1 to F.3 Free Weekend Tutorial Classes (Phase 1) (Ref. No.:12)
Annual General Meeting of the Parent-teacher Association cum Distribution of 1st Students' Performance Report (Ref. No.:11)
Care for the Elderly Charity Tickets Fundraising Campaign 2019 (Ref. No.:10)
F.1 to F.6
School Picnic (Ref. No.:9)
F.1 to F.6
First Form Test Syllabus and Timetable
F.6 Mid-year Examination Syllabus and Timetable
4-10-2019 《禁止蒙面規例》將於 2019 年 10 月 5 日起生效 (Ref. No.:8) F.1 to F.6
4-10-2019 Winter School Uniforms and Physical Education (P.E.) Track Suit (Ref. No.:7) F.1 to F.6
4-10-2019 The Community Chest Flag Day 2019 (Ref. No.:6) F.1 to F.6
4-10-2019 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (Ref. No.:5) F.1 to F.6
20-9-2019 Swimming Gala (Ref. No.:4) F.1 to F.6
16-9-2019 F.6 Mathematics Enrichment Lessons (Ref. No.:3) F.6
13-9-2019 Parents’ Evening (Ref. No.:2) F.1 to F.6
2-9-2019 Arrangement for the New School Year 2019-2020 (Ref. No.:1) F.1 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

F.2 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

F.3 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

F.4 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

F.5 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

F.6 (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)

Major Areas of Concern (2019-2020)

(1) Fostering Positive Personal Traits, Pursuing Higher Goals and Realizing Dreams

  • Developing Resilience and Perseverance, Strengthening Peer Support
  • Building Integrity, Respecting for Others
  • Extending Talents, Nurturing Leaders
  • Heightening Goals, Realizing Dreams

(2) Strengthening Students’ Language Abilities, Extending Students’ Potentials

  • Optimizing Language Learning Environment, Enhancing Students’ Biliterate and Trilingual Abilities
  • Embracing Learner Diversity, Extending Students’ Potentials

(3) Ongoing Curriculum Renewal: Reading across the Curriculum

  • Promoting Reading across the Curriculum, Broadening Reading Horizons
  • Launching Language across the Curriculum, Promoting Reading to Learn
  • Professional Development and Sharing

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Photo Album (2019-2020)

Swimming Gala



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